Water Conservation Programs

Reports and Studies

Find water conservation resources, including BAWSCA's Annual Conservation Reports, conservation planning documents, and recent studies.

BAWSCA Annual Conservation Reports

BAWSCA’s annual conservation reports detail activities and associated water savings for BAWSCA’s Regional Water Conservation Program.

FY 15-16 Water Conservation Report

FY 14-15 Water Conservation Report

FY 13-14 Water Conservation Report

FY 12-13 Water Conservation Report

FY 11-12 Water Conservation Report

FY 10-11 Water Conservation Report

FY 09-10 Water Conservation Report

Regional Demand and Conservation Projections Project

BAWSCA completed the Regional Demand and Conservation Projections Project in September 2014.  The goal of the Project was to develop transparent, defensible, and uniform demand and conservation projections for each BAWSCA member agency using a common methodology to support regional planning efforts as well as individual agency efforts.

Regional Demand and Conservation Projections Final Report

Conservation Implementation Plan

BAWSCA initiated work on the development of the Water Conservation Implementation Plan (WCIP or Plan) in September 2008.  The Plan was finalized in September 2009.

Water Conservation Implementation Plan Report

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