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Lawn Be Gone! Rebate

Notice: Due to the "shelter in place" order currently in effect in the Bay Area, rebate processing may be delayed at this time.  We appreciate your understanding. 


Save water by removing your grass! Replace your lawn with  a beautiful, drought-tolerant landscape and receive a rebate of up to $4 per sq. ft.


Rebates are available to customers of participating BAWSCA member agencies. To receive the rebate, you must submit an application and receive a Notice to Proceed from your water provider before removing your lawn.

For the fastest rebate, apply online. Note: you will need you water account number in order to register for an account and submit your application.

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Program Information



Cal Water customers: Effective June 1st, Cal Water is no longer accepting new applications to the Lawn Be Gone! program.  Cal Water customers can apply for turf replacement rebates at www.calwater.com.

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Member Agencies offering Lawn Be Gone! Rebate





Lawn Be Gone! RebateBrisbane, City of1.00
Lawn Be Gone! RebateEstero Municipal Improvement District2.00Foster City
Lawn Be Gone! RebateGuadalupe Valley Municipal Improvement District1.00
Lawn Be Gone! RebateHillsborough, Town of1.00maximum $2,500 per site
Lawn Be Gone! RebateMenlo Park, City of2.00
Lawn Be Gone! RebateMid-Peninsula Water District 2.00
Lawn Be Gone! RebateNorth Coast County Water District4.00Pacifica
Lawn Be Gone! RebateRedwood City, City of1.00
Lawn Be Gone! RebateSan Bruno, City of1.00

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Lawn Be Gone! Rebate

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