Water Conservation Programs

Free Sprinkler Nozzles

Upgrade your irrigation system with free high-efficiency spray nozzles!

The FreeSprinklerNozzles.com program provides precision spray nozzles to customers of participating water agencies

Residential and commercial customers can apply online and receive a voucher for free nozzles via e-mail.  Visit FreeSprinklerNozzles.com to apply for your free nozzles while supplies last.


Member Agencies offering Free Sprinkler Nozzles





Free Sprinkler NozzlesBurlingame, City of0.00
Free Sprinkler NozzlesHillsborough, Town of0.00
Free Sprinkler NozzlesMillbrae, City of0.00

Rebates & Giveaways

High Efficiency Toilet Rebates

Up to $100 rebate for water-efficient toilets

Lawn Be Gone! Rebate

$1-$4 for every sq. ft. of lawn replaced

Rain Barrel Rebate

Up to $100 rebate for select rain barrels

Free Sprinkler Nozzles

Vouchers for free sprinkler nozzles at participating suppliers

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